Slack is an cloud-based communication tool, that is made for teams. You can connect Scrumpy with Slack so that nothing gets lost.

Connect Your Project With Slack

You can add the Scrumpy app to your Slack workspace.

  1. Open Scrumpy and go to the project you want to connect.
  2. Open the project settings, click on integrations.
  3. Click on “Add to Slack” and follow the process.

You can choose a channel from your workspace that should be connected to Scrumpy. When added, a notification appears in Slack when someone finishes a story, adds a story to the sprint, removes a story from the sprint, starts the sprint or finishes the sprint.

In Slack you'll see a new action to create a story. Hover a message in Slack, click on the three dots and choose “Create Story in Scrumpy”. The message is copied to a Slack form and you can choose the project you want to add the story to.