Scrum Projects

Scrum is the most popular method, but there are a few things that you have to get used to.

What is Scrum?

In Scrum projects, all tasks are recorded and prioritized in a long list, the so-called backlog. But instead of just working through the list, the team plans a lot of small projects, so-called sprints. Sprints are work packages of (for example) two weeks. Before each sprint, the team discusses open tasks and decides which tasks they want to work on. After each sprint, the team meets again and presents the results. This is followed by the next sprint. This way the whole project is divided into a lot of tiny projects.

When should I use Scrum?

Scrum is perfect for long projects where most of the tasks is unclear in advance. Scrum brings a lot of transparency and flexibility to every project, and requires everyone involved to rethink. Scrum is perfectly suited to plan an app, to keep track of internal restructuring processes or the further development of a digital product.