Scrumpy is an agile project management tool. But what does agile actually mean? How can agile make your everyday life easier? We wrote a short guide to help you work agile with Scrumpy.

Agile has its roots in software development, but can be used in many areas. In the last decades more and more companies have changed their complete way of working to agile methods. The overall goal is to make processes transparent and flexible, to achieve results faster and to make project predictable.

Agile Methodologies

With Scrumpy we support two of the most popular working methods, you can try both and see what works better for your team.

Visualize your progress with Kanban

Maybe you haven't heard of Kanban yet, but you may have seen it already. The basic idea of Kanban is to visualize the progress of the work in an easy way.

Kanban is particularly suitable for projects where most tasks are clear at the beginning and the tasks simply have to be completed. You can use Kanban for a website relaunch, the organization of an event or a list of user feedback.

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Make long projects planable with Scrum

Scrum is perfect for long projects where most of the tasks is unclear in advance. Scrum brings a lot of transparency and flexibility to every project, and requires everyone involved to rethink. Scrum is perfectly suited to plan an app, to keep track of internal restructuring processes or the further development of a digital product.

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The Right Method For Your Team

Agile is not a shoe you can just put on. It takes a while for a team to get rid of old structures and see the benefits of Agile. In the end, the most important thing is to find a method that suits your team and your project.