Kanban Boards

Maybe you haven't heard of Kanban yet, but you may have seen it already. The basic idea of Kanban is to visualize the progress of the work in an easy way.

What is Kanban?

All tasks have to be written down and then divided into three columns: Todo, Doing and Done. At the beginning of each project the Todo column is full of tasks. When the team starts with a task, it is moved to the Doing column. This way the whole team can see at a glance what is happening. When the task is completed, it is moved to the Done column. Tasks move from left to right over time. With a short look at your Kanban board you'll see how many tasks are open, in progress or completed.

When should I use Kanban?

Kanban is particularly suitable for projects where most tasks are clear at the beginning and the tasks simply have to be completed. You can use Kanban for a website relaunch, the organization of an event or a list of user feedback.

If you feel that Kanban is not enough for your team, you might want to try a Scrum project. Maybe sprints are what you are missing? Sprints split your project in a lot of tiny projects. Every sprint has it's own Kanban then.