Our Values

It's too easy being just another company. We founded Scrumpy to be different in many ways. Here are some of the values we use to make decisions:

Transparent by Default

Everything we do is transparent. We write about our experiences, no matter what kind. We publish statistics. You can even see detailed revenue stats: Scrumpy on Baremetrics

If you miss something that we haven't released yet, just ask.

Be Helpful

Right from the start, we've been getting help from everywhere. Whether someone tested our product, sent feedback, we met others, that started a Software as a Service company, or someone answered our questions on Twitter, it has always helped us. We want to pass that on as well.

By the way, this also means that you will always reach a real person. Write us an email, use the chat, ask on Twitter, you are going to get a personal answer from us. We want to help you.

Less is Better

Everything we add to Scrumpy should help as many users as possible. Scrumpy should be simple, and shouln't offer to much. We want to build a focused product.

We are especially critical when it comes to tracking. We don't track our users in our application.