The Founders

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While working together at our agency überdosis, Philipp Kühn (on the left) and me, Hans Pagel (on the right), we used a ton of project management tools. We've been never really happy with existing solutions. So in December 2016, we've built a simple prototype of something that we thought could work better for our workflow.

We've been already very happy with the outcome after spending a few afternoons. But we knew it would be a big mission to really go with our own solution, so we tried to forget about the idea. We invested some time to try out more than 100 project management tools. But none of them really felt right. We got back to our prototype and started to work on it on the weekends.

Nearly one year later, in October 2017, we started to use Scrumpy for internal use. Nothing was perfect, we had a lot of bugs in the beginning, but we had this feeling. Everything felt simple and intuitive. We decided to launch Scrumpy publicly.

In April 2018 we launched Scrumpy.

The Team Behind Scrumpy

  • Hans Pagel (Co-Founder), Backend Development and everything else
  • Philipp Kühn (Co-Founder), Design & Frontend Development
  • Kris Siepert, Product Development (Medium Post)
  • Justin Schueler, Product Design (Medium Post)